Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp

Aqua Birds Unlimited CampAqua Birds Unlimited Camp is the First Eco-lodge in Nepal approved by Green Globe Organization. Spread in 10 acres of private pristine wetland, Aqua Birds is located on the border of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve which is a Ramsar Site listed by the International Wetland Convention. The hotel offers excellent tented camp with incredible sighting of wetland birds congregation in thousands. This is the last stronghold of the Asian Wild Buffalo and Gangetic Dolphin in Nepal.

Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve - It lies on the flood plains of the Sapta-Koshi in Saptari and Sunsari Districts of Eastern Nepal. Rapid and complete inundation of the reserve to depths ranging from 10 to 300 cm occurs during the monsoon. The reserve offers important habitat for a variety of wildlife. The last surviving populations (about 100 individuals) of wild buffalo or arna are found here including other mammals. A total of 280 different species or birds have been recorded. Amidst the jungle environment Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp have come into existence. The activities includes morning jungle treks by the river lagoons and wetlands, canoe ride, slide shows, bird watching, cultural dances and visit unique village settlements.

Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp has been successfully running on its 10th year of operation despite the current political situation. We extend our gratitude to our valuable guests who have been our inspiration behind successful operations. Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp is now a member of KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts, a trusted business house with 40 years of experience in hospitality industry.

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