Acme Guest House

Acme Guest HouseIs tucked way close by. The rooms are quite large, & there is an open lawn area, which is something of a rarity in crowded Thamel. Recommended by the Lonley Planet.

 At a time when hotels seem to grow rather similar in character, ACME guesthouse strikes a distinctive note. Acmes amenities, comforts, and unique personalized, friendly service make it something special, something truly tailored for the individual traveller. Though situated in the heart of Thamel, it stands aloof, its uniqueness lies in its serene atmosphere with a spacious manicured garden to offer friendly staff totally committed to the guests comfort and pleasure. Though still in its developmental stage we at ACME have tried to incorporate the best of hospitality combined with professionalism. We welcome our guests to experience our own different style. It's the small residential boutique guesthouse, just for you.

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